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Important deposit categories: Limestone skarns near granite. Lime-silicate rock layers surrounded by an arrangement of calcium-iron-magnesium-aluminium silicate minerals. Tungsten is usually found in the form of scheelite with a chemical composition of CaWO4 with 80% tungsten (WO3). Scheelite disposes on the extraordinary feature that it is fluorescent under UV light; this makes it easy to discover host rock 1). It occurs as a spotty grain as well as filled in clasts. The concentration of these minerals in usable ore amounts normally to 0.3% to 1% in WO3.The most important tungsten deposits are located in China.

(Source: USGS) 1) Mining Journal – special publication – Tungsten, June, 2008

Tungsten deposits

Metric tons T


China 77,000 88
Russia 4,400 2
Canada 2,600 3
Africa 2,000 2
Austria 1,100 1
Others 7,500 7
Gesamtproduktion 89,600 100



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