Exploration shaft

The new exposure of a deposit is connected to high investment costs.

Particularly the conception of a suitable and, at the same time, economically working ore processing must be handled with the greatest attention.

An exploration drilling has to be done in order to design a statistically meaningful dressing cycle.
The exploration drilling – a shaft with an inside diameter of 3.0 m and a depth of 175 m – was integrated into the orientation concept for the deposit. Later, this shaft will serve as a ventilation shaft and second escape route.

The exploration drilling is about 600 m in the north-east of the premises (F).


  • Extraction of approx. 3,000 tons of tungsten from deposit 4.
  • Construction of a pilot dressing plant.
  • Simulation of the future dressing process.
  • Foundation for the development of a big dressing plant in view to a regular operation of the mine.
  • Basis of the bankable feasibility study.
3D-graphics in the area of the exploration drilling comprising the former exploratory drifts (red, green) and of an ore body of deposit 4.All in all, there are approx. 8,000 galleries.

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