The ore, the intermediate products, the final products as well as the waste water incurred due to the preparation can all be analysed in regard to their composition and quality in the specifically designed in-house laboratory. The analyses include the evaluation according to chemical, mineralogical, and metallurgical aspects. For this purpose, the most modern analysers were procured which are able to detect the main components as well as the slightest traces. This screening serves as a permanent control and optimisation of the dressing steps as well as of the final products. Amon others, the following methods are used for analysing:

  • Microwave digestion of solids
  • RFA
  • Photometry
  • Titrimetry
  • Microscopy
  • pH value
  • electric conductivity
  • O2 concentration
  • redox potential
  • turbidity in water

In the completely new equipped, in-house laboratory the ore, intermediates, end products and wastewater from the treatment can be analyzed in terms of composition and quality.

The analyzes include the evaluation according to mineralogical, metallurgical and chemical aspects. For this purpose, state-of-the-art analyzers were purchased, with which main components can be detected just as well as the slightest traces. This review serves to permanently control and optimize the treatment steps as well as the manufactured products.

Our most important task is to maintain the continuous, high-quality processing and production process. In doing so, the legal foundations as well as the own quality demands on the finished products are considered.

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Saxony Minerals & Exploration AG – SME AG is a stock company that obtained the mining rights and permit to extract the mineral resources tungsten, tin, indium, and other metals.


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