The Project Geyer

Erlaubnisfeld „Geyer“

In March 2018, SME AG has filed an application to the Upper Mining Authority of Saxony to explore the raw materials in the “Geyer” field.
Resources such as tin, zinc, indium, gallium, fluorspar, cobalt, copper, tungsten, and silver are involved.
The deposit “Ehrenfriedersdorf Geyer” covers an area of 11 km². SME AG mainly concen-trates on the deposits "Geyer Südwest" which provides, among others,

  • a comprehensive drilling campaign analysis and calculation of the tin/zinc resources
  • an important increase in resources by a detailed exploration of the quartz-greisen min-eralisation.

Übersichtskarte Bohraufschlüsse Erlaubnisfeld „Geyer“

Historical Data

In total, 21,000 ore specimens were studied using X-ray radiometry, spectral analysis and by wet chemical means. Further drillings were done in the years 2011 and 2012. 580 individual samples were taken. We could determine a good correlation between the historical resource estimate of the German Democratic Republic and the new deposit model according to the JORC Resource (Joint Ore Reserves Committee). The results assess “indicated resources” of ore with an average tin grade of 0,53% according to JORC standard resulting in 44,000 tons of tin.

Indium was also proved: The ore with an average grade of 35 g/ton accounts for 441 tons of indium without special processing problems since indium is associated with sphalerite. Gallium is also present with 25g/ton resulted in an expected gallium tonnage of 353 tons.

In the years 1975 to 1976, 146 boreholes of a total length of 39,000 metres were done:
Grid 200 m x 100 m: 99 drillholes
Grid 100 m x 100 m: 22 drillholes
Grid 800 m x 400 m: 25 drillholes
Total: 146 drillholes


The ore value of the deposit “Geyer” accounts for:
Tin 44,000 t (20.800 USD/ton): 915,200,000 USD
Indium 441 tons (419,500 USD/ton): 185,000,000 USD
Gallium 353 tons (378,900 USD/ton): 133,700,000 USD
total: 1.23 billion USD


Gallium is a silvery white metal that melts already at body temperature but only evapo-rates at 2,400 °C, i.e. it remains liquid within an extremely wide temperature range. It is electrically conductive and forms a protective oxide film when in contact with oxy-gen. Due to its unique properties, gallium is suitable for the most varied applications and is, therefore, considered as one of the most critical metals. Gallium is highly re-sistant to heat and solar radiation and is used in alloys in order to decrease their melting point.
The world-wide gallium production is 674 tons (2016).
The most important gallium producing country is China (61.6%).
(Source: Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe, US Geological Survey)

Fields of application of gallium:

  • Light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
  • Solar panels/concentrators
  • Smartphones and tablets
  • Space technology
  • Semi-conductor material
  • High-performance magnets, electrical motors, sensors
  • Medical thermometers as a substitute for mercury
  • Hydrogen energy technology for the formation of hydrogen
  • High-temperature thermometers
The current gallium price is 378,900 USD/ton.
The price development within the last 12 months
Basis April 2017 (238,000 USD/t) until April 2018
(378,900 USD/t)= +16 %

About SME AG

Saxony Minerals & Exploration AG – SME AG is a stock company that obtained the mining rights and permit to extract the mineral resources tungsten, tin, indium, and other metals.


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